Custom Wood Doors for Homeowners in Palo Alto, CA

Custom wood doors from Main Door Corporation are a beautiful addition for Palo Alto, California, homes ranging in style from ultra-modern to traditional and rustic. Our doors, which are manufactured from some of the world’s most beautiful wood species, are available in numerous styles, making it easy for even the most discerning homeowners to find the perfect match for their residences. For example, if you’d like a door that combines beautiful style and high function, our Dutch Door Collection is perfect, as it has a top and bottom half that can be opened independently. We also offer a variety of more traditional doors, such as those from our Craftsman Collection, which feature warm colors and clean lines. Or, if you’re looking for something unique and stunning, doors from our Platinum Collection have a large-format design and hang on a pivot system for added visual interest.

Of course, the custom wood doors that we offer to the residents of Palo Alto, CA, can be tailored to your unique tastes. We offer custom sizes, a variety of finishes, many different sidelight options, and much more. And, no matter what door style or customization options you choose, your door will be beautifully crafted from solid wood with no veneers, which means that it will:

  • Never peel or delaminate
  • Be exceptionally durable and maintain its beauty for many years to come
  • Feature natural wood grain variations that make each door unique

If you’d like to learn more about our custom wood doors or see them in person, visit the location of our exclusive partner – The Home Depot – that is nearest to your home in Palo Alto, CA, and ask about our products.