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Exterior Doors

Interior Doors

Platinum Teak Collection

Platinum Teak Collection

Opulent Teak Doors with Unique Designs

Our Teak Doors offer the impressive exotic look of real solid Teak wood with dramatic panel styles to add character to your opulent entryway. The beautiful golden honey color of Teak wood, with its bold, natural wood grains, makes this collection one of the most mks rolex datejust 178383 63163 31mm unisex automatic elegant entryways available. In addition, these heavy, large-format doors are highly unique in their design. To support their weight, these doors are fitted on pivots at the top and bottom, instead of being hung with conventional hinges – a feature that enhances their appearance even further.

  • Special-sized at 48″ x 96″
  • Unique single hinge-pivot system
  • Hand-assembled design patterns
  • Solid wood construction